28 April 2009

Road to Bahrain 9 - Revert From Sri Langka

Discover Islam Centre, Bahrain 26.04.2009:-


This is the beauty of having a centre like Discover Islam. Anyone can come to this centre to embrace islam and be the student at the same time. The people at Discover Islam center are well trained at their repactive field and the most of all they are very dedicated in their job either voluntaraly or employed. The dakwah group, the drivers, the IT, the admin and the rest are all very cooperative to provide excellent services to their clients including us, the course participants. This is one of the reason people come to Discover Islam to seek help and this is one of the reason a Buddist preacher from Sri Langka came to this centre to take the sahadah in front of our international group.

Above photo: The new revert was congratulated by Ali Krayee from Ghana (now based in Liberia) while the two Sri Lankan watched.

Photo above: Mohamad Ali (Imam of National Mosque K.Lumpur) also took the chance to hug and welcomed the new brother in Islam to new faith.

Photo Above: Our American man, Ibrahim, chat with him in tears. "Welcome to Islam brother", said Ibrahim.

Photo above: Brother Syed Ali recited the sahadah to be repeated by our new revert. After the conversion, there was "ALLAHU AKBAR" shout from other brothers.

Photo above (From left): Bro Anver Manatunga (ex. Christian Pastor from Sri Langka, who once converted a Malay from Islam to Christianity), Bro Jagath Weerasingha (new revert from Sri Langka) and Janis Abdullah. I took the chance to take photo with the revert during the historical event. Just imagine a pastor once converted a Malay to Christian, now became a muslim!. "My sins of converting a malay to christian has been wiped out after my conversion to Islam", said Anuar. I told him to redeem his image by re-converting the malay again to Islam and he laughed.

Photo Above: I also did not miss the chance to hug our newly reverted brotherWith from Sri Langka.
Within 2 weeks of stay in Bahrain, we have seen 17 brothers and sisters all over the world reverting to islam at Discover Islam Centre. This shows that Discover Islam Centre is serious in propagating islam worldwide.

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