28 February 2010

Holy Prophet’s Manners in Dress – Part 6

Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam)’s Manners in Dress – Part 6
The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) use to put on sheet, gown, shirt and whatever he got. Green dress used to please him but most of his dresses were white. He said: Give your living men to dress with white garments and dress your dead therewith. He used to put on gown for Jihad. His shirt was long up to his thigh. He had only one shirt dyed with saffron with which he led prayers. Sometimes he put on only one shirt up to his thigh and say: I am only a slave. I put on garment as a slave puts on. He had two special garments for Jumma prayer which he did not put on at other times. Sometimes he had only one garment with which he cohabited with his wives. He had a black garment which he gifted away.

Omme Salma said: What fault has this black garment committed? He replied: I had put it on. She said: You look more beautiful if the black garment mixes with your beautiful constitution. Sometimes, he used to go out putting on a seal tied with thread in his hand. He used to impress his letters with seal and say: It is better to put seal in letter than back-biting. He used to put on cap under his turban. If he had no turban, he used to put on cap. Sometimes, he took off his cap from his head and fixed it in front as a prayer-stake. When he had no turban and cap, he covered his head with a sheet of cloth. He had a turban named Sahhab which he presented to Ali. (Radhiallahho Anho)

Whenever he put on a garment, he began from his right side and said: All praise is due to Allah who has given this garment to cover my private parts and to express adornment. When he wished to put off his garment, he began from his left side. When he put on a new garment, he gave his old cloth in charity to a poor man and said: If a Muslim gives his wearing garment to another Muslim, nobody except Allah will dress him. He remains in the custody of Allah till that cloth remains with him, be he alive or dead. His bed was made of grape-covers and refuges. It was two yards long and one yard and one cubit board.

He had the habit of naming animals, arms and properties. The name of his standard was Iqab, he had his swords named Zulfiqer, Makhzam, Rejab, and Kazib. The middle portion of his swords was moulded with silver. He used to wear belt of leather which had three rings of silver. The name of his arrow was Katum, of his shield Kafur, of his camel Qaswah, of his donkey Duldul, another donkey Ekab and of his goat Aynah whose milk he used to drink. He had an earthen pot, which he used as an ablution pot and drink water therefrom.
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