28 February 2010

Holy Prophet’s Good Manners – Part 3

Holy Prophet's Good Manners

If the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) abused anybody, he used to give him compensation and show him kindness. He did never curse any woman or slave. Once when he was in the battle field, he was asked: O Messenger of Allah, it would have been better if you had cursed them. He said: Allah sent me as a mercy and not as a great curser. When he was asked once to curse a particular person or an unbeliever, he did not curse him but on the contrary prayed for his welfare. He never beat anybody with his own hand except in the way of Allah. he did not take any revenge for personal wrongs but he used to take it for preservation of the honour of Allah.

He used to select the easier of two things and kept away if there was any sin there in or anything to cut off relationship. He used to fulfill the needs of anyone who required his help, whether a slave or a freeman. Anas (Radhiallahho Anho) said: By One who sent him as a Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam), he never said to me. Why have you done this or why have you not done this? His wives also did not rebuke me. If there was any bed of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam), he used to sleep on it or else he used to sleep on the ground. Allah described the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) in the Torah Muhammad the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) of Allah, His chosen servant, without harshness, not roaming in the streets, not returning evil for evil. He is prone to pardon. He is forgiven. His birth is at Mecca, his migration to Ta’ba and his reign in Syria. He and his companions put on Ijar around their waists and call towards the Quran and wisdom. He makes ablution of his bodily limbs. Similar is his description in Injil (New Testament).

Another trait of his characters is that he used to salute first one whom he met with. He used to wait at a place where he was to meet a man. He used not to withdraw his hand from anybody till he first withdrew his hand. When he met with any of his companions, he used to handshake with him, hold his hand, enter his fingers unto his fingers and hold them firmly. He did not stand up or sit without remembering Allah. When anybody sat by him at the time of his prayer, he used to make it short and say to him: Have you got any need? When he fulfilled his need, he returned to his prayer.

His assembly was not different from that of his companions, as he sat where he went. He was not found sitting among his companions spreading out his legs. He used to sit mostly facing the Ka’ba and honour one who came to him. Even he used to spread his own sheet of cloth for one with whom he had no relationship. He used to give his pillow to one who came to him and everyone thought that the Prophet honoured him more . Whoever came to him could see his face.

He used to call his companions by their surnames with honour and he used to give one surname to one who had no surname. He used to call the women by the names of their issues and call others by their surnames. He used to call the boys by their surnames for which their hearts were inclined to him. He used to get angry last of all and was very affectionate and kind in dealing with the people. Nobody could speak loudly in his assembly. He used to recite: O Allah, Thou are pure, all praise is for Thee. I bear witness that there is no deity but Thee. I seek forgiveness from Thee and turn to Thee.
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