15 August 2009

Miraculous medicinal uses of Zamzam

Miraculous medicinal uses of Zamzam.
By: Dr. Qazi Shaikh Abbas
It was the earnest need of the child that mother of Ismail Nabi ran in search of water in the vicinity of Makkah. Under divine instruction, Jibreel (A.S.), struck the site of the land with his heels, and perpetual source of healing Zamzam was discovered. Zamzam was considered sacred earlier to Islam amongst Jews as well as Christians too. Afterwards, due to the religious bigotry they ignored it. It has simultaneously three abilities, to quench the thirst and removes the feeling of hunger. The next ability of Zamzam, as per traditions, is its numerous and enormous medicinal benefits.
· Rasulullah(S.A.W) used to carry Zamzam in water-bags to Madinah. He used to sprinkle it over the sick and offered them to drink it with the intention of cure, (Al Silsilat al Saheeyah, 883, Qaherah).
· According to the Hadith literature "Zamzam, is a Barakat, a food that satisfies and a cure for the sick". (1-Abizar, Muslim, 4/1922; 2-. Al Tayaalisi (61)).
· Zamzam is considered to help students in the correct pronunciation of Arabi in non-Arab region.
· It was Abizar who expressed his personal experience to his Lord, Rasulullah(S.A.W.A.),while he questioned about his foodstuff. He informed: I had spent forty long days with Zamzam. I do not feel any kind of weakness or hunger nor do I become slim." Rasulullah(S.A.W.A.) declared: "Verily, it is blessed, it is food that nourishes." (Muslim, 2473).
· According to the Tradition narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah al Ansari "With whatever (legal) intention one can drink it his wish fulfills". "It is a cure for a numerous diseases by the order of Allah. So you should have the intention of what you want to gain by drinking this water".
· Abbas informed: "Before the dawn of Islam, Zamzam was known as Shabaah (satisfaction).When he drank from Zamzam, he recited this Doa: "O Allah! I ask you for beneficial knowledge, plentiful provision and healing from every disease."
· It is applied to the eyes to brighten the sight.

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