11 June 2009


The world we live in ...........
A few weeks ago in a movie theatre in Melbourne a person sat on something that was poking out of one of the seats. When she got up to see what it was she found a needle sticking out Of the seat with a note attached saying quote:
'You have just been infected by HIV'

The Disease control Centre in Melbourne reports many similar incidents have occurred in many other Australian cities recently.
All tested needles are HIV Positive.

The Centre also reports that needles have been found in the cash dispensers in ATMs. We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with this kind of situation. All public chairs/seats should be inspected with vigilance and caution before use. 17 people have been tested positive in the Western suburbs alone in the last 2 months!!! A careful visual inspection should be enough.

In addition they ask that each of you pass this message along to all members of your family and your friends of the potential danger. We all have to be careful at public places! This is very important.

Just think about saving a life of someone even you don't know by forwarding this message. Please, take a few seconds of your time to pass it along.


Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Ph: (08) 94212877 Fax: (08) 94212366

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