30 June 2009



Above: SMK SANZAC students participating the open stall business as a good way to build-up interest on business.

Above: Talking about having meeting among cooperative members, those empty seats means some members did not attend the meeting which reflect the actual 'members-taking for granted' attitude. These students were actually performing sketch as to why some cooperatives failed in their business.

Above: Ir. Datu Jamigul bin Hj Datu Salin, Ketua Sektor Pembangunan Kemanusiaan, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah was given the hand from Janis abdullah and encik Diuh Balimbang, after planting a flower to mark the launching of cooperative week celebration.

Above: Puan Rokayah from Lembaga Pembangunan Koperasi Kota Kinabalu is seen planting the flower during the launching ceremony of SMK SANZAC cooperative week celebration.

Above: Janis Abdullah presenting hamper to award winning student in the various categories of competition in conjunction with cooperative week.

Above: Janis abdullah watering the newly planted flower during the ceremony while Ir. Jamigul Salin and encik Diuh Balimbang look-on.

Above: Janis presenting the award to the winner of various competition during cooperative week celebration.

Above: Sanzac dikir barat (national 2Nd Runner sup 2009), performing their talent during the ceremony. Last year (2008) this group emerged national champion.

Above: Janis Abdullah presenting award to winner during cooperative week celebration.

Above: School representative, Nurul Afifah binti Janis, delivering the key notes address from Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran

Above: Puan Rokayah watering the flower just planted by her

Above: Ir Datu Jamigul is seen watering the newly planted flower planted by him during the ceremony.
Above: Another planting session by Janis Abdullah while encik Diuh Balimbang (SMK SANZAC principle) and Ir. Datu Jamigul look on.

Above: Student receiving a token from Janis Abdullah for winning certain category during the week celebration.

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