04 May 2009

Road to Bahrain 14 - Transit at Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport, 04.05.2009:-

I am now at Abu Dhabi Airport at 12.00 midnight on the way to Kuala Lumpur. While waiting for my connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur, I took the oppurtunity to browse the free internet provided by Abu Dhabi Airport. I only have 14 minutes to complete my stuff after which this internet will automatically be stopped or disconnected. I believe the whole idea of this limitation is to give others the chance to use it. If I decided to use more than 14 minutes then I have to restart from the beginning. To me, this is fair.
Above: After check-in, we took the opportunity to snap another photo for our album.

Above: Some of the Malaysian team at the Bahrain International Airport prior to checking-in on the way back to Kuala Lumpur. Ops.. wait a minute, the lady (number 2 from right) is a Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur working at Bahrain together with her husband (not in the picture). Thanks to Niza for being generous to take this photo.

Above: To be fair, I include this photo just in case Niza or Dr. Lamin and others are interested to download. Sorry brothers and sisters... (pretending not knowing your email) I cant sent these through email. You are free to download these photos if you need them and I'll send the bill later he..he.. (just kidding).

My friends and I arrived at KLIA at 08.30 AM (Bahrain time) 12.30 Noon (Malaysian Time). My connecting flight to Kota Kinabalu will be 21.50 PM, which is a long wait at KLIA.


  1. Sharifah &Dr Lamin05 May, 2009 23:48

    Assalamu'alaikum bro. Janis,
    Thank you so much for this write up which help us to walk down memory lane. At least it helps us to see and download photos which we did not have,maklumlah yang takde camera, yang ada camera pulak takde battery...he..he.. It was really an interesting event that we have already missed so much. Just hope that we will be able to meet again in similar environment, all lillaa hi ta'aala.
    Sedih betul nak tinggalkan Bahrain dan all our brothers and sisters...

    From Sis Sharifah & Bro.Lamin

  2. Sis Sharifah and Bro Dr Lamin

    My pleasure. Pls get in touch always.