06 July 2010


USA killed million of Japanese during world war 2 and murdered millions of Vietnamese at their home land. Inspired with endless greed, USA went further to invade Iraq and Afganistan and murdered million of muslims including women and children making US as the greatest murderers in the world history. These acts had caused serious ill-feeling among 1.5 billions world muslims. By these wars, USA has awakened the sleeping tigers creating more dents of Islamic fighters. They (USA) have to pay heavy prices for their own blunder that they have created. These are series of crimes that violate international law and law of mankind.
Based on remarks by deplomatic experts, this time USA made serious blunder by invading two muslims countries. According to experts, USA can bombed Japan and Vietnam and they, the victims of bombardment, backed-up easily. But this time, USA is facing the muslims and would face long-term war even right into their doorstep. According to experts, USA worse blunder has just began. USA can bomb and burned their houses, mosques and the Koran but they cant burn their spirit. The muslims are not like the Vietnamese or the Japanese. The muslims are ever ready and prepared for the worse to defend them selves what ever it takes. Every time you see muslims crying for their dead family, motivation mounts. The spirit of real muslims fighters ie. 'the muslims go to war to die!'.
Here is the long-term potential nightmare for USA; do USA really think that Japanese and Vietnamese, especially victim's family, really backed-up from their fight? How about Northern Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afgans that they have killed en-mass for the last 9 years and still killing until today? Do they (USA) think that they just keep quiet and let the history passed without price? USA worse blunder continues on and on.

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